1. What is the address of Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins?
318 5 th St W, Gardiner, MT 59030

2. Where can I find up-to-date information about Yellowstone National Park?
Please visit Yellowstone National Park official website for up-to-date information:

3. How can I book a cabin?
You can check availability and book a cabin here: 

1. Choose desired dates; 2. Choose cabin; 3. Choose “Quantity” on left hand side; 4. Click on “Book” button; 5. Fill in the form and click on “Confirm booking”. 6. Enter credit card information and click on “Pay now”.

Full payment is required in order to reserve a cabin.

4. What is the nearest airport?
The nearest airport is Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN). It takes 1.5
hours to drive from Bozeman airport to Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins.

5. Do any of the cabins share walls?
None of the cabins share walls.

6. Do any of the cabins have a bathtub?
All the cabins have showers only. None of the cabins have a bathtub.

7. What is your cancellation policy?
97% refund > 30 days before your check in date. 3% will be charged from the amount you paid for the credit card processing fee + $20 cancellation fee.
50% refund > 15 days before your check in date.
No refund < 15 days before your check in date.
Cancellation request needs to be sent to ytcabins@gmail.com.

8. Do cabins have kitchens?
Yes, all of our cabins have little kitchens with all cooking essentials including induction cooktop or stove, microwave, fridge with freezer, rice cooker, toaster, toaster oven or oven, coffee machine, kettle, blender, waffle maker, grater, pots and pans, plates and bowls, cups and glasses, wine glasses, utensils, silverware, ice cream scoop, can opener, cutting boards.

9. How do I access the cabins on our check in date?
Check in details along with door code will be sent to your registered email two days and then again one day prior to your check in date. There are no special check-in
instructions. Use the keypad on the cabin door to enter the door code. Arrival from 3
pm to any time is fine.

10. What is check in and check out time?
3 pm is check in time, 10 am is check out time.

11. Are there any restaurants near Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins?
There are several restaurants within walking distance from the cabins.

12. Are cabins pet friendly?
Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins are pet free.

13. Can I smoke inside the cabin?
It is prohibited to smoke inside the cabins. You can smoke on the driveway.

14. Can we have a party inside the cabin?
Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins are party free.

15. Is Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins a hotel?
Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins is not a hotel or resort. Our cabins are vacation rentals near Yellowstone. Cabins are self-serviced however we take trash or change towels upon request. It is complimentary. Please send us a request to ytcabins@gmail.com. Cabins have pretty much everything needed for a comfortable stay. Owners are available to serve guest’s needs or solve any issues and problems if any come up during the stay.

16. How can I reach the owner/ property manager?
Tel: (406) 595 7954

17. Is there housekeeping service?
We do not provide housekeeping service. If you need full cleaning of your cabin during your stay there is extra charge. Please send us a cleaning request to

18. Is there heating and air conditioning at the cabins?
Yes, there are mini-split heating/ air-conditioning systems at our cabins.

19. Are cabins open in winter?
Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins is open year-round.

20. What are nearby activities?
Hiking, rafting, zip lining, e-biking, horseback riding in summer.
Hunting in fall, winter and spring.
Hot springs soaking, fishing year-round.
Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowcoach tours in winter.

21. Are there hot springs where I can soak in the area?
There are two commercial hot springs in the area.
Yellowstone Hot Springs is located 10 minutes drive from cabins: www.yellowstonehotspringsmt.com

Chico Hot Springs is located within 35 minutes drive from cabins: www.chicohotsprings.com 

22. Is there a fire fit at the cabins?
There is no fire pit at the cabins.

23. Is there a grill at the cabins?
There is common deck and grill between cabin #2 and #3. Cabin #7 has a private deck and private grill.

24. Is there parking at the cabins?
Each cabin has a designated parking space.

25. Are cabins located near Yellowstone National Park?
Yes, Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins is located near Yellowstone National Park. It takes less than 5 minutes to drive to Yellowstone’s North Entrance.

26. Is Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins located in Gardiner, Montana?
Yes, cabins are located in Gardiner, Montana.

27. Is the access easy to the cabins?
There is easy access to the cabins. Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins is centrally located in town, across the road from the Gardiner Market grocery store, and near Super 8 hotel.

28. Are there linens and towels at the cabin?
Yes, we provide bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and cotton linens.

29. Are there extra blankets, pillows and linens for the futon?
Yes, we provide extra blankets, pillows and linens for futon if there is one at the cabin.

30. Do I need to take shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner and hair dryer with me?
We provide shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner and hair dryer.

31. Where can I rent bear spray?
We provide bear spray for guest’s use during their stay.

32. Are there any gas stations close by?
There is one gas station in Gardiner and one gas station/convenience store/repair shop 5 minutes drive from Gardiner towards Livingston.

33. Where can I see bears?
Tom Miner Basin and Yellowstone National Park is famous for watching bears if they
are not in hibernation.

34. Where can I see animals?
Lamar and Hayden Valleys are good places to see animals in Yellowstone National
Park. Deer and elk can be seen near the cabins and around Gardiner, MT. Depending on season bighorn sheep, pronghorns, bison, elk and deer can be seen on Old Yellowstone Road which runs parallel to Hwy 89 on the other side of Yellowstone River.

35. What restaurants do you recommend?
Wonderland Café, Yellowstone Mine, Corral Burgers, Outlaws Pizza, Cowboy Grill.

36. Where can I rent ski/snowshoes?
Ski/snowshoes can be rented from Parks’ Fly Shop.
Address: 202 Second St S, Gardiner, MT. www.parksflyshop.com

37. Where can I find out about winter tours to Yellowstone?
Visit: www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/adventures/winter-adventures/winter-tours-from-mammoth/

38. Where can I find out about cross-country ski and snowshoe trails?
Visit: www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/skiing-and-snowshoeing.htm

39. Where can I find out about businesses in Gardiner, restaurants, shops, and activities?
Visit: www.visitgardinermt.com

40. Is there a private guide I can book to go to Yellowstone National Park?
Yes, there is list of private guides here: www.visitgardinermt.com/plan-your-

41. What do you recommend to visit in Yellowstone Park?
No matter how long or short your trip is, Gypsy app for Yellowstone National Park,
audio guide, is one of the best ones to discover Yellowstone Park efficiently. Visit:

42. Is Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins located on the river?
Yellowstone’s Treasure Cabins is not located on the river. Cabins are located within
a few minutes walk from the river.

43. How long is it to drive to Grand Teton National Park through Yellowstone?
About 3 and half hours depending on traffic.

44. Where can I check more cabin pictures?
Please visit our Instagram page: yellowstone_treasure_cabins

45. Are there washers/dryers in cabins?
Cabin #4 and cabin #7 have a private washer/dryer inside the cabin.
For all other cabins the closest laundry facility is North Entrance Wash Tub, located
within a few minutes drive from the cabins. Address: 209 W Main St, Gardiner, MT 

46. Does the Gardiner Market grocery store have a good selection?
Despite its small size, Gardiner Market has a good selection to choose from.